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“Your home can be designed to rejeuvenate your body and mind.” - Josie Abate

Our homes directly influence our health and overall energy, yet we largely ignore the effects that our dwellings have on our well-being. You can find more health and happiness in your home and enjoy the benefits of improved living. We intend to show you how to think about design in a new and beneficial way that will inspire you to make changes in your home to increase your well-being!


  • You will discover how your home can make you a happier and healthier person
  • You will learn the secrets of biophilic design and how it can improve your health
  • You will see the true impact that nature can have as a force of good in your home
  • You will learn how to best integrate technology into your home to keep wellness in balance
  • You will recognize the factors in creating an environment that supports well-being
  • You will discover examples of accessible design that you can apply to your home
  • You will learn how light affects your sense of well-being
  • You will receive a checklist of the current, most innovative wellness ideas on the market today

The HOME WELLNESS KIT FOR HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS has been put together by the team of professional designers at Ambience Design Group. Ambience has over 25 years of experience designing homes and workspaces for many happy clients. Our goal is to make interior design available to all. We are committed to providing helpful design guidance in a friendly and easy way that fits your lifestyle.


1. Live Well at Home Guide (value $19)
The Live Well at Home Guide will provide plenty of insight and information about how to make your home a healthier and happier place. It will cover many design considerations that can improve your home such as sustainability and accessibility that will make living in your new, improved space beneficial for all.

2. Innovative Wellness Ideas Checklist
(value $38)

This ideas in this wellness checklist are current and cutting edge. Find out about the latest techniques and technologies out there that will improve the experience of wellness in your home. Be the first in your circle to have a vitamin C infused shower!

3. How Technology Impacts Wellness in the Home - Interior Designer Interview(value $24)
This interview with interior designer of over 30 years, Josie Abate, will provide insight on how to best integrate technology into your home while maintaining optimal wellness for the whole family.

4. How the Tech-Free Living Room Benefits You (value $24)
Tech-free living rooms have become a trend in the last few years as time spent with technology is constantly increasing in every aspect of our lives. Tech-free living rooms are a wonderful place to begin a healthier lifestyle.

5. All of our kits come with a Quick Start Guide to set you on the right path from the beginning of your design journey!

Get the HOME WELLNESS KIT FOR HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS now at our introductory price of only $37 (value over $80).

This digital kit can be downloaded immediately to your computer so you can get started right away!

If you don't love your guide, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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